Y2K Update & Chaika Trailer


Karin gives a brief update on future releases of Y2K cast interviews and bonus episodes, and introduces new science fiction audio drama Chaika. 

Y2K future releases 

February & March: Y2K Cast Interviews 3 & 4 

April - November: Y2K Patreon Bonus Episodes 1-8 



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Chaika is written, produced, directed and narrated by Karin Heimdahl.



Chaika - Danyelle Ellet

HYGGE - Charlotte Norup

LEQU - Sam Yeow

Valen - Angelique Lazarus

TROST - Kessi Riliniki


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Chaika's theme is by Chris Gregory, please check out his audio fiction anthology podcast, Alternative Stories and Fake Realities https://alternativestories.com/the-alternative-stories-and-fake-realities-podcast/ 



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Blue fireworks image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay (https://pixabay.com/users/geralt-9301). 

℗ 2022 Karin Heimdahl

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