Halloween Special: 2K20 - A Y2K Horror Parody


Please note that this episode exists in an alternate reality and is not part of the regular series continuity.

A young person unwittingly releases an ancient evil on the world that they should have left alone.  No, it's not the movie you're thinking of and Kat doesn't have a chainsaw for a hand (although that would be really cool).

This episode is horror themed and contains gunfire, screams, references to blood, intense situations and noises simulating the death of a character we're all not really fond of. 
Please take care of yourself, and if you need to, don't be afraid to reach out and ask for help. Resources can be found at y2kpod.com/resources 

Written & produced by Adam Blanford, based on characters created by Karin Heimdahl. 


OLIVIA - Kirsty Woolven 

KAT - Janis Westin 

JESS - Karin Heimdahl 

JOHNNO - Adam Blanford 

RACHEL - Felicity Boyd 

KIRSTEN - Charlotte Norup 

EMMA - Nerys Howell 

NARRATOR - Emma Laslett 

Special thanks to Tal Minear, Nerys Howell and Charlotte Norup for the screams.

Intro music is created and recorded by Jake Haws, check out his podcast "Making Music with Jake Haws"  to hear more. https://jakehaws.podbean.com/ 

Sound effects from freesound.org  

Transcripts are available at y2kpod.com/transcripts 

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