Behind the Scenes: Season 2 Cast & Crew Interview 4 - Eyþór, Felicity, David, Sam, Hem



This conversation contains extensive spoilers for the Jess-Rachel storyline in seasons 1 and 2, as well as for season 2, episodes 6 and 11. There are also mild spoilers for season 2 episodes 1, 8 and 12. 

This is a conversation between creator Karin Heimdahl (Jess) and voice actors Eyþór Viðarsson (Dagur S2 E1), Felicity Boyd (Rachel), David Ault (Ray S2 E8, Delivery man S2 E11), Sam Yeow (Tia S2 E2 & 6), Hem Cleveland (Becca S2 E12), which was recorded in June 2021. 


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Podcasts mentioned a lot in conversation - The Lucky Die (TLD), The White Vault, Dark Dice

David -  

Sam -  

Felicity -  

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Eyþór - (Counterbalance)

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